Recent Projects


Coop-Good-Food is an initiative by Mercibao in collaboration with its partners, producers, and plant processors, delivering products that promote well-being and better health.

Why a Cooperative ?

The cooperative's primary goal is to raise awareness and promote the properties, virtues, and benefits of these 100% natural products with high nutritional and cosmetic value. Promotional and awareness-raising activities are designed and organized through the AfricaGoodFood campaign.
"What is AfricaGoodFood?" It's a program dedicated to promoting awareness, nutritional education, and consumption of Superfoods and 100% natural African cosmetic products. The program's activities include:
  1. Collection and dissemination of scientific information on the virtues and benefits of these products through various networks (community, associations, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram).
  2. Design and production of educational materials for awareness campaigns (promotional materials and awareness-raising films).
  3. Organization of practical workshops on production and processing techniques, ensuring the preservation of nutritional benefits (hands-on training in food technology).
  4. Hosting events in the form of competitions with trophies and conducting immersive workshops in schools and grassroots community associations.
  5. Financial support for the best initiatives or awareness actions in schools or grassroots communities.

Short Film by Soninke Vision

We are excited to announce the short film "Hip Hop Attitude" produced by Soninke Vision and subtitled in English by us, is now available for screening in Europe
This film tells the powerful story of a young female rapper's struggles and triumphs and is sure to inspire and engage audiences.
If you are interested in hosting a screening of our film at your venue, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to provide more information and discuss the possibility of bringing the film.

Excelsior Football Academy in Dakar

Between actions of cleaning of public stadiums during sports events,
carried by the association USED Senegal, 
we work hand in hand on the development of 
more and more sustainable and innovative projects.

Biennale of Dakar 2022 | Upcycling Festival

During the 2022 dakar arts biennale, senegalese and german designers worked together to set up the Super Mbalit Festival (mbalit means garbage in wolof).
The festival was carried by the association Design Up 2.0 and funded by Auswärtiges Amt (Federal Foreign Office) Germany.
We had the honor to present the video broadcasted, during the passage of the models, at the Berlin Fashion Week.
We followed the preparations and development of the festival and we participated by making photos & videos.
More infos on the festival 👇