It was during our trip in September 2019 to the natural region of Sine-Saloum in Senegal that we fell in love with the ancestral know-how of living oils and their benefits. 

This trip allowed us to meet several producers and to get acquainted with the typical natural products of the region.  

The oils come from a rural company in this region that works at the local level in infrastructure such as schools and reforestation of the region. 

The Oil

Baobab Oil

Nicknamed the “tree of life” for its longevity and multiple properties. 

Baobab oil, extracted from the seeds, is widely used for its nourishing, softening, soothing and regenerating properties.

Baobab oil appreciated for its medicinal properties and its strong antioxidant power, (vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids).  

It revitalizes the skin, revives the vital functions of the cells, and quickly regenerates the tissues.

  • How to use it? 

Apply baobab oil to the entire face or any part of the body, the hydrolipidic film is reconstituted naturally. 

This film helps to preserve the water contained in the epidermis. Flexibility and softness assured.

  • Pre-shave mode:

they protect and moisturize all the coats of the epidermis. Their action straightens the hairs in front of the razor blade, which prevents the formation of ingrown hairs and ensures a cleaner, longer-lasting shave.

For an optimal effect, the face should not be rinsed between the application of baobab oil and shaving gel or mousse.