Merci Bao is an organisation that supplies baobab oil from Senegal with the mission of supporting young brands, creative projects and farmers around the world.



Baobab oil is rich in antioxidants that protect your skin against aging and preserves it from drying out and external aggressions (sun, wind, cold, pollution)
Baobab oil contains more than 70% of unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for the skin

The drop as unit of measure

Only 3 drops per day? The right measure is a method of living that has been lost in a society that pushes us to always want more. Let us show you how to adopt baobab oil in protecting your face on a daily basis.

Un art de vie

Beyond offering a sustainable cosmetic we work on realities and societal issues, to do this we work with women business group in the area of Tambacounda and associations, designers in order to grow creative projects.

Our partners

We work in connection with Senegalese producers, artists and craftsmen of tomorrow. Our network benefits from partners in Europe and Asia.

Rediscovering the right measure, an intelligent use is essential
Cold-pressed, the oil is alive, which means it must be used with care.

The right measure rather than the waste

The essential is the goal towards which Merci Bao is heading

The ideal to which we are committed

This cannot be a vague spirituality, but a deep conversion, a way of life and

to enjoy the benefits of our face oil a few drops are enough.

Merci Bao

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